Nomad Series 2016-17

                                      “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where

                                        we can go as we are and not be questioned.” 

                                                             Maya Angelou


Tasked with working on a theme of houses and the home, at a time when the news and media was filled with images of desperate refugees, and helpless homeless was challenging. 


The reality is close to home. Walking along Bray seafront on a cold, wet January day, the stark image of a tent pitched in a seaside hut, struck me as to what the meaning of a home is to some. That tent was somebody’s Safe Place. 


I decided to look at a broader view of the idea of home in relation to contemporary society.


Taking the tent as a starting point, I have developed and stylised the form to create pieces that display flowing movement alluding to the temporary and transient nature of the situation.


The surface decoration is detailed using multiple coloured slips and various dry, crawling glazes. The aim is show a positive fluidity within the surface treatment.


The work is not intended to be a solemn take on the situation but simply a recognition of the reality, a social comment displaying optimism and expectation of a society where the home is a basic right. 

Nomad III
Nomad V
Nomad IV