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In my practice I explore the fragile charm found in nature’s process of regeneration. I look  at the rugged beauty found in the constant cycle of decay and renewal. I find a certain aesthetic in decomposition and even more in the following resurgence.

Through drawing, I investigate the landscape, topography and botanical forms to create abstract pieces that display a sense of tactile vitality, natural contours and movement. 

I use the language of the form to display a vulnerable fragility, while the surface quality reflects a tactile energy.

Rusts and Fungi are tangible indicators of decay, while Mosses and Lichens, which signify unpolluted air, are important indicators of a stable environment. These elements are critical to the ideas that I wish to express within my work and are emulated in my glazing.

Using stoneware clay, I slab build and manipulate the form before finishing with dry, textured glazes. Motivated by my involvement in my making, I find the process of refining clay releases an energy, which results in work that is a reflection of me. The endless exciting possibilities of clay and glazing energises my drive to push forward with my process.

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